About the Buds

Who are the Buds?

The Buds are Cornell University’s top mens ultimate frisbee team. Our program was created in 1973 making it one of the oldest college ultimate teams in the country. We look to combine our love of ultimate with an intense, competitive, athletic practice and tournament regiment. Through this collective experience, the Buds not only find success on the field but also build lasting relationships that extend beyond our time at Cornell, but leave us Buds forever.The Buds are one of the most storied and successful college ultimate programs of all time, having reached College Nationals 5 of the past 7 years, the pinnacle of our sport.

Who can join?
Anybody can join the mens’ ultimate program at Cornell! Our developmental team, the Shake, does not have tryouts, and anybody can play with them! The Buds have a competitive tryout process that lasts several weeks at the beginning of the fall season. Please email the captains at buds@cornell.edu if you have any questions about the tryout process.

We practice 3-4 times a week during the Fall season, and 2-3 practices and 2-3 workouts a week during the Spring season.

We travel to tournaments all around the country, but in the fall typically stay within the Northeast. In the fall we usually go to 3-4 tournaments, and in the spring we usually go to 4-6. In the past, we have gone to tournaments in California, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and many more!

Why Cornell?

For general questions about Cornell, please look at our university’s website: https://www.cornell.edu/about/.

We welcome any questions you may have about Cornell in terms of academics or just about college in general! Feel free to shoot us an email at buds@cornell.edu to talk with the captains.

Why the Buds?

We welcome any and all participants with or without experience! Please contact us if you are interested in trying out, coming to watch a practice, or talking with any of the captains!

The Shake

Who are the Shake?

The Shake are the Bud's developmental B team. The Shake are one of the strongest B teams in the country, routinely qualifying for D1 Regionals (which the Buds also attend). The purpose of the Shake is to develop young players by giving them opportunities to grow and improve, and create a pipeline of players who can move up to the Buds.


The Shake offer an opportunity to play ultimate frisbee at Cornell for new players, as no players are cut from the Shake during tryouts.


The Shake captains can be contacted at shake@cornell.edu.